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Double ply material with sewn edges make this a very durable flag. Seamed edges make it a strong flag and prevent it from tearing. The pole height is 17 inches and is made of strong durable plastic. Anchoring points on the pole prevent the flag from falling or flying away. Flag is sewn on both sides. This is the strongest flag on the market. No one else has what we have made and the price is still very low. You wont believe how strong this flag is. Call now on our toll free number if you need more details. This flag will not tear. No need to buy a new car window flag every few months. No other company on the net is offering this type of material for car window flags. Do not buy these flags from us unless you want the strongest type of flag on the market. If you want the cheaper ones that will tear, you will save a few cents on them but they will not last like this flag will last.

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